Monday, June 1, 2009

Not missing

I havent been missing in action, just trying to finish up a few things for swaps !
Today I finished Terrimae's little Summer mini as part of the HGTV group mini swap. I am calling it Swimsuit sampler and will post a picture once Terri receives it later this week.

I also finished making the foundation block for Sassyneedlepusher for Nicki's one block swap for CQ on the HGTV board....I am very happy with the way it turned out and cant believe that I made it with no help...pretty soon I will start embellishing it for her to make sure it is done for the August deadline.

Im also hosting a Jumpin'Jivin' swap on the HGTV board where 20 women have signed up to make 4 gifts each and in turn I will swap them out when I have received them all. The goal is to have them all reach their new homes in time to open them from July 1-4th !!!!

So...what are you working on ????

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  1. I haven't been reading in blogland for the past few weeks either..I upload photos of Butchs flowers on my blog and post a snippet or two about other things but haven't visited my friends blogs in forever, it seems!

    Its like the mojo you get when you sew or quilt..or at least for me...I will sew or quilt like crazy for a couple of months and then you cant hog tie me and get me back in the room for a little while...I guess I am that way too with blogland... Am I wierd or what? :)

    Me and Marie are working on the quilt we are making to give to the firemen. Right now, we will have 2 for each department if they dont send a new department to draw this Fridays tickets. We finish putting the borders on this morning and then I quilt it so Marie can bind it.

    I plan to get back to the longarm hot and heavy the month of July...that is of course, if my mojo doesnt run dry again..eekkk.. :)